Mark Dresser: Nourishments


Clean Feed Records CF279

Mark Dresser, leader and contrabass
Rudresh Mahanthappa, saxophone
Michael Dessen, trombone
Denman Maroney, hyperpiano
Tom Rainey or Michael Sarin, drums

"Maroney provides a distinctive flavor to the intricate tunes throughout the record" - Samuel Weinberg, Search and Restore
"remarkable... otherwordly... multi-faceted" - Robert Bush, allaboutjazz
"nuanced microtonal articulation" - Eyal Hareuveni, allaboutjazz
"thrilling, unusual performances" - Aaron Cohen, Downbeat
"Maroney's hyperpiano... provides the album with some of its most striking and uncategorizable textures" - Sean Brady, Downbeat
"Special mention must be made of Maroney's hyperpiano" - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes
Honorable mention, new releases 2013 - New York City Jazz Record
"brash and turbulent, and original, and full of the unexpected" - Dan McClenaghan's Best Releases of 2013, New York City Jazz Record
"highly recommended" - Stuart Kremsky, Cadence
Maroney's ghostly piano manipulations [are] absolutely spellbinding."  David Wane,  allaboutjazz

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